Top 3 activities at best Water sports Company in Abu Dhabi

With summer ending, outdoor adventure activities and water sports are going to be on the rise again in Abu Dhabi.  The UAE is best adventure place for tourists. One such activity is kayaking, which is perfect for the calm waters boarding the UAE. This fun water sport is a great way to keep in shape and get some exercise while exploring the city around you in a new way. Acting as a barrier against the ocean, currents and waves, the mangroves fronting Abu Dhabi provide a serene playground for kayakers. Get all services at best water sports company in Abu Dhabi ALMAYS KAYAK. To reach over point location is very easily accessible we have best water sports activities such as kayaking, boat cruise and Yacht party boats.

Best Water sports company

The eastern mangroves promenade is that the retail area which features a good sort of outlets for Abu Dhabi residents, resort guests and tourists. The promenade has designed to complement the hospitality and residential destination which hosts the five-star eastern mangroves hotel. Almayas kayak is the to best water sports company at eastern mangroves.

There are three popular water sports/ activities such as kayaking, boat ride, stand up paddle boat, water bike and fly boarding.

  1.  Kayaking!

Kayaking in Abu Dhabi is best to enjoy water sports. A kayak is a low to the water, canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to put front to back on one side and then other in rotation. The mangroves National Park is by far one the most popular kayaking places in Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of opportunities to explore the luxurious mangroves forests of Abu Dhabi through this popular water sports.


  1. Boat cruise

It’s an extremely amazing activity to plan with your family and loved ones to go for a boat cruise. The best time to enjoy the boat cruise services is sunrise or sunset time. The life on the boat cruise has no boring moments. There is a wide range of sceneries throughout the location of eastern mangroves.

  1. Yacht Boat Adventure

Enjoy with friends and family out best Yacht boat services. Water life and activities are the biggest charismata of a country. They are the source of huge tourist attractions. Mangrove are attractive because they bring a lot of entertainment and adventure. People from all around the world fly to Abu Dhabi having beaches just to enjoy our yacht boat service as water sports and to try something new.