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Best water sports Company in Abu Dhabi

Do you want to fill rainbow colors in your black and white life? Do you want to fill that gap between you and your family, always accusing you of your time? Do you want to do something daring and out of the blue with your friends this time? Well, why not leave yourself behind and give a try to water sports? If you are already a fan of water sports then welcome on board, my friend. I know a lot of you must have come across that one specific person who has been to Abu Dhabi and is always ranting about the best time of his life he had there. Well of course all of those are just not rants. Abu Dhabi is a well-known place that provides everything for every age. Either you want to look at the jaw-dropping skyscrapers or glorious historical sites. Having a girls day out in a cafe or spending your Daddy’s money in the most expensive malls, Abu Dhabi has it all.

Moreover, if you are a water sports lover then visit The Best Water Sports Company. in Abu Dhabi. I swear, nothing can be more charming than Kayaking or boating over the serene shores of Abu Dhabi. Don’t forget to read till the end if you are looking for water sports suggestions as well.

Why water sports & Kayaking?

I know a lot of you have been stressed due to the lock-down and corona situation, which made us all go insane in a few months. Every single soul is looking for a pause from what we have dealt together. In such times salty air and the cool sea breeze are your friends. Water sports will help you soothe your mind and body like nobody else. It is the best cure for your anxiety and depression. Even going back to the work after a long break is stressful, water sports is a smart way to eliminate this stress and have both fun and some family time.


Water sports are very flexible, they can be romantic to relaxing to thrilling. I promise there is so much joy in doing the impossible. So no matter what your situation is, water sports in Abu Dhabi are going to end up on your bucket list.

There are also so many health-related benefits associated with water activities. Just like your brain, your body also requires a ‘me time’. Paddling and surfing in the water can be a great exercise for your legs and arms.

Once you are sold with the benefits of water sports, then comes the hardest decision of choosing the best water sports company in Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of companies in Abu Dhabi running for the same purpose, but to save a lot of your precious time we have separated the best water sports company for you from the crowd. outshines all.


What is so exceptional about Almayas Kayak?

Almayas kayak began with one motive: “to help you make your life the best adventure”. Staying true to this goal turned quite rewarding for both the water sports company and its satisfied customers. Almayas Kayak is the best kayaking company for water sports services that works day and night to provide exceptional services to those interested in Kayaking and boating in Abu Dhabi. They have an honorable, humble, and responsible staff who are very serious about their work. Additionally, they take full responsibility for your safety and promise to make you feel most alive. What else do you need from a boating company?

Top 5 water sports that you must try

Here is a list of 5 adventurous, thrilling water activities in Abu Dhabi that you can easily enjoy with your family and friends. Luckily Almayas kayak is offering all these top-rated water sports.

  1. Kayaking

Get this exclusive chance to spread your arms and kayak through the deep mangroves.


  1. Jet boating

It is a confirmed adrenaline-filled water sport with lots of water splashes.

  1. Speed boating

Daring much? Board on a speed boat and have the best adventure of your life.

  1. Yachting

Get on a luxurious yacht to feel like a queen.


  1. Party boating

Throw a glamorous party on a boat with style and smile.


I Hope these water sports adventures make your life even more exciting.