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Yacht Boat Services in Abu Dhabi a pleasant experience

Yachting is a great way to indulge in either you are with your family, friends, or alone. we are providing the best Yacht boat services in Abu Dhabi. You are in the safe hands here, All you have to do is close your eyes and feel the sound of crashing waves beneath you, or the sensation of a cool breeze hitting your face. A pure bliss.  If you are looking to spend some outdoor time with your family despite doing things at home all year round. Book our yacht boat services , Or if you are looking for amazing fun by water activities check out we have got so many options for you.

Yachting at Almayas kayak enjoy everything under one roof

Water bodies are one of the biggest charisma of a country. They are the source of huge tourist attractions because they bring a lot of entertainment and adventure. People from all around the world fly to countries having beaches just to enjoy our yacht boat service as water sports and to try something new.

Easy Online Booking

Keeping your needs and demands in mind, we are offering the best yacht services and other water sports in Abu Dhabi at a very affordable rate. We make sure that you enjoy your voyage to the fullest and make the best of your precious time. At eastern mangroves we are entertaining our people from a lot of experience and time. We completely understands what our customers look for, and how to make them the luckiest by choosing the best yacht booking company in Abu Dhabi.

Our priority is always willing to listen to your needs, and the choices you want to make for your ride, meaning you can order that extra cheese with your pizza. We can easily accommodate 15 people of your family. For more details feel free to visit  Mangrove  adventure.

Things to know about a yacht before jumping into one

A yacht is a boat that is solely used along with the motive of amusement or pleasure for its riders.  There is no exact size figure of a yacht. It ranges from 10 meters to 100s of feet, 222 meters being the world’s highest record of the yacht size. Wow! What a splendid sight that would be. Yacht boating with the leading company, Almayas  yacht boating a great name in-water activity all around the world.

Things you can do on a yacht

Before stepping into a yacht here are some suggestions from us to make your journey more enjoyable. It is just like choosing your favorites toppings for your pizza. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. Or it is totally up to you if you want to take home a perfectly tanned body as a reminder of your best time spent.

Take a lot of pictures

Don’t forget to bring your best cameras with you. What can be a more flexing picture of you for social media than a picture on a luxurious yacht with a breathtaking background? I bet you will get that one click, which will imprint on your friend’s mind for months.


Mangrove yacht Park is the best sightseeing place, it is away from the hurly-burly city. You are guaranteed to get lost in God’s creation. Feel the peace of your mind that you have been looking for so long in the wrong place all the time. If you have already notice a lot of crabs and spot a lot of Sea Gulls. A quick suggestion is to go in the evening so you could also have the pleasure of viewing the sunset. Who would want to miss that? Not me, at least!

If luckily you locate a Flamingo on your way, Oh My Lord! Don’t forget to capture the miraculous bird on your phone and later paste it into your travel diary.

Throw a party

Yeah, you read it right! Want to impress your rivals or your special guests? Bring them on a God damn yacht, and see what it does. Select a theme wear a ravishing dress select the best menu and you are ready to rock on water.

Onboard games

If you are bringing your kids with you, remember to bring some on board games, because you know your kids better than me.


Let me remind you, if you like fishing then this is the best chance for you because once on a yacht you will have all the time in the world.

Location for yachting

Abu Dhabi is very famous for its mangrove forests, it hosts almost all the important water activities in Abu Dhabi. The place offers you rich mangrove trees, various species that you haven’t seen before, and a lot more. It is a great fun activity to do yacht boating with your family while crossing these dense silent mangroves. I pledge it will be worth your experience. Sorry got to go, my yacht is ready to hit the water! You can join me in this amazing journey by clicking http://localhost:10058/contact/.