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Best Kayaking Services for the lush mangroves of Abu Dhabi

Kayaking in a dream place like Abu Dhabi is a wholesome experience, thanks to its island location. Being the capital city of UAE, it can keep you fully fun-packed during your stay. Water sports are very popular in Abu Dhabi and kayaking is the one that you must look into for your trip. People from all around the world try to get their hands on a kayak to enjoy this exceptional experience. We are offering our best kayaking services in the best way possible.

So, if you are looking for the most thrilling and relaxing water sports then book a plane ticket for Abu Dhabi and head to Mangroves Kayaking point. To give you a helping hand, we have made online kayak booking easy and one click away for you. For more information on kayaking in UAE, be sure to read on.

Best place for Kayaking tour

Almayas kayaking Company has everything that you are looking for to entertain yourself with water-related activities. From adventure-filled kayaking to celebrating private events on a boat cruise, we are always at your service to deal with you with great professionalism and hospitality. Our team is built of multi-national water sports enthusiasts who have turned their passion into a profession. We are very serious about our work and always focus on delivering a comfortable atmosphere and the finest level of service.

We are very proud of the way we make people feel, most contented and relaxed at hearts. At the end of kayaking tours and trips, people say us their farewells with great smiles and no worries. No need to go to a doctor, we have the best treatment for your depression and anxiety. We make sure to give you the most amazing kayaking adventure of your life.


Kayaking at Eastern Mangrove Abu Dhabi

A top-rated company of Abu Dhabi’s kayaking tours, We will take you through the natural mangrove forests of the capital city. The water in the vast eastern mangrove is flat, making the curves more manageable. It is a beginner-friendly outdoor activity, so there is no need to worry if you are new at this. But if you move further some interesting turns are challenging enough for the advanced paddlers. In short, the eastern mangrove is the best place for kayaking and a treat for all.

This lush habitat of diverse species is far away from the pollution and mass of the city. You will get to spend a peaceful time close to your family. If you are looking for ideas to impress your significant other then what can be a better date than spending a few hours kayaking close to him/her and wonders of nature.

Our staff and mangroves Kayaking packages

We provide all the equipment required for kayaking, from entertainment to safety. There is no compromise on your safety, it is above all. We are offering one man and twin kayaking at the most affordable prices.

Additionally, we have trained staff and a lifeguard at your service to not only train you but also to look after you while you unwind by the mangroves. The staff is friendly, down to earth, authentic and professional.

All the health enthusiasts, Get excited! This water sport targets the muscles of your upper body and helps in their toning and shape. It is a great alternative to workout and skipping a treadmill.

Why we are the best ?

Our Services are different from the rest, we have our goals set and clear. Number one is your safety and number two being the satisfaction of our dearest customers. We are fruitful of our hard work in the way of hundreds of satisfied customers.

The kayaking trip will be for a few hours which will allow you to get some beautiful pictures of heart-throbbing sights. Paddling through the narrow passages along mangroves, you may come across a Flamingo if you’re lucky enough. A rare bird that you have only seen in books or movies.

Get thrilled, and enjoy this amazing ride with us, with zero worries and guaranteed adventure. Once you make up your mind, check the prices and other Best Kayaking services available on our website. We are operating from the mangroves promenade near Anantara Hotel Abu Dhabi.

Why must mangrove kayaking in abu dhabi be on your list?

These are the beautiful places of kayaking in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Eastern Mangroves of Abu Dhabi
  2. Abu Dhabi corniche
  3. Saadiyat Island
  4. Sir Bani Yas Link Golf Club
  5. Louvre Abu Dhabi
  6. Jubail Island
  7. Zaya Nurai Island
  8. Abu Dhabi Corniche
  9. Al Bahia Beach
  10. Wadi Adventure

Open your mind to an altogether unique perspective of Abu Dhabi by picking a supported time arrangement and follow your guide into the centre of this regular wonder.