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I don’t know where you have been looking for so long but the best boat cruise company is right under your nose. Yes! You have landed on the right page, Almayas boating company is one of the leading and most promising companies in Abu Dhabi. It provides all the Boat Cruise Services that you are looking for.

Abu Dhabi: home to famous water sports

Water sports have always remained people’s favorite things to do and if you are in Abu Dhabi it is just like taking the heat out of your burning life. Abu Dhabi has more than 200 islands. It is well known for its watersports throughout the world due to the calm, turquoise, water shores it provides for its entertainers. You can easily plan an exotic vacation in Abu Dhabi. You must have enjoyed Boat cruise trip once in your life, now is the time to have boating fun with our services. It is full of entertainment, leisure, special moments, and a lot more. I assure! You won’t feel sorry for a single moment.

Leading Cruise boating Company

We are well-known electric boat company due to its exceptional services. What makes it best from the rest is the fact that the professional people behind the whole power-packed entertainment program make sure that you are safe and smiling throughout your tour. We have taken into notice all the minor details that the rest often disregard.

Do you want to recreate that romance in the air? Do you want to feel the wind in your hair or imprint the eternal yellow-orange rays of the setting sun on water? Well, Almayas Kayak has made cruising romantic for you. With us, you can rekindle that spark with your sweetheart and have plenty of time together.

Or are you struggling to find that one activity that your 1-5 kid, teen, and adult can enjoy at the same time without complaining of boredom? We have a perfect solution for you. Moreover, we give you a chance to experience the thrill of a boating tour in the mangroves and get close to nature. What better place can be for a boat adventure than the popular Mangroves of Abu Dhabi?

Boat cruise Services

We have a friendly and experienced staff who is always ready to understand your needs first. Your safety is our top preference then comes the entertainment and all the fun. We respect your privacy either you are with your family, friends, or partners. We always look forward to making your ride with us, unforgettable and the best.
If you are a person who loves socializing, then you will get to meet a lot of people and make a lot of new friends on a boat cruise from all around the world. Watch a splendid sunset on water at very affordable boat cruise prices. We provide you a superb level of comfort so you can enjoy all the pleasures of a premium cruising lifestyle. It is enough to make us stand out from the rest. We have also made boat cruise booking so easy for you.

Speed boat

Have you ever imagined speeding along the peaceful shorelines of Abu Dhabi? Imagine the feeling that adrenaline rush, making you feel alive once again? Have you ever thought of racing with the dolphins? Skilfully, Almayas Kayak has got your back and is providing its services to make your dreams come true. Don’t wait any longer, climb aboard for the high-splash fun.

Party boat

We are providing you a chance to celebrate your special occasion most lavishly. Either having a birthday party or making your big announcements or trying to impress your clients get on our lucky charm party boats. We will offer you the finest and cheap boating services, book now and prepare to witness the best time of your life on the water.

Hop on a catamaran

A luxurious catamaran boat is an answer to all your private family gatherings. It is a romantic and smart electric boat. We are being the best cruise boating company you can create timeless memories with the ones you love. For more adventurous and romantic seafaring, you will get a lot of sightseeing and by a lot’ we mean spectacular, enormous and breathtaking views.


Want to look all fancy and sassy for your Instagram pictures? Welcome aboard, Book a jet boat with us. Join us for serene tours of mangroves, being the best cruise boating place in Abu Dhabi. The best adventure of your lifetime. It is the ultimate high-speed fun and keeping a towel with you might help. It is nothing other than a thrill ride that will surely leave your heart racing.