If any damage occurs to the equipment or watercraft rented from AL MAYYAS BOAT RENTAL, which is beyond the normal course of wear and tear of such rental, the undersigned will be liable to pay for any repairs in making good the equipment. If such equipment decommissioned as a result of the undersigned’s negligence or act or omission, the undersigned warrants to pay AL MAYYAS BOAT RENTAL for the costs incurred. If the undersigned fails to have the damage rectified within the time agreed or specified by AL MAYYAS BOAT RENTAL, AL MAYYAS BOAT RENTAL engage a third party at the full financial and legal liability, risk and expense of the undersigned. Minimum 2500 AED to be paid in case of any cause of accident. If the damage is large enough and need to keep in service station for more than 2 Days the undersigned should pay an amount of AED 500 per day for the total days needed for the repair as a compensation for the business loss for those days.

Undersigned also agrees that He/She understood the all restricted areas in the trip route before the trip and will not try to enter those areas. Also agrees that He/She will be liable for all fines and penalties issued upon entering those areas.


AL MAYYAS BOAT RENTAL will not depart in unsafe weather conditions. The captain will assess the weather and should determine the conditions are unsafe to run the tour, the tour may be postponed, or it will be canceled. Every effort will be made to reschedule your tour during your stay. If you are unable to re-schedule your tour, you will have the option of receiving a voucher for a future trip.


Cancellation should be done at least 24 hours prior to departure time either by telephone or email for refunding the amount. If the trip is cancelled by Al Mayyas Boat Rental for reckless riding causing danger or in case of any accident made by rider/pillion rider, and entering to Restricted areas even after one advice from captain, full amount of trip will be charged. For Same day/Time booking cancellation also full payment of the trip will be charged. For booking confirmation please contact us.


Undersigned must submit His/her Valid and Original ID card for riding in water. He/ She further agrees and aware that Al Mayyas Boat Rental would hold their ID cards in case of any accidents happened during the trip made by undersigned /Pillion rider /any minor children under undersigned custody. ID cards will be giving back only after the settlement of the accident.