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Abu Dhabi is the first name that clicks in mind when it comes to vacationing, honeymoon, shopping, and a lot more. It is a hub for all the world’s major attractions. Along with that Abu Dhabi gives you white, clear shores where you can enjoy water sports to their fullest. We are the best water sports company having all the facilities that you want from a kayaking company.

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Corniche Beach

S.U.P Tour

From: 55.00 د.إ
From: 200.00 د.إ
From: 200.00 د.إ
69.00 د.إ
150.00 د.إ

Corniche Beach


55.00 د.إ
From: 200.00 د.إ

Corniche Beach

Single Kayak Tour

From: 39.00 د.إ

Spend a memorable vacation at the Best Water Sports Company in Abu Dhabi “Almayas Kayak”

Have you ever wondered, how time is slipping from your hands, spent in filling your pockets? you ever thought that how badly your kids want to spend some time with you? and how badly your restless mind needs a break? Have you ever thought about how much your tired body needs a stretch? If no! Then this is the time to look into your life and decide how much time and money you want to spend filling your soul. Once you conclude, let Almayas Kayak know because you have landed on a page where dreams come true. Yes its the best water sports company in the UAE.

Let's Explore Abu Dhabi

Best Water sports Company in Abu Dhabi

Taking advantage of these endless, windswept beaches Almayas Kayak is bringing you the top leading water activities worldwide. This water sports company is based in Abu Dhabi, offering you the finest vacation. By finest it does not only mean the most pleasurable but also most safe, which comes above all. To make sure that you are safe throughout your tour, Almayas Kayak always has a professional lifeguard on board to cope with all the possible emergencies on hand.

Our Company have ever-growing family that keeps on building because of the trust we have developed over years and we would so like to expand the family of our satisfied customers. We take away all of your worries and work around a single mission to never let you miss a lone moment of joy.

Let's Explore Abu Dhabi

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If you want to try something daring or if you already are a fan of on-water activities, then don’t forget to read till the end. In this age of technology where you are sick of your child always bent to their screen, try these outdoor activities that we are offering:

Kayaking services

Almayas Kayak is the Best & biggest  Water Sports Company among all the Kayaking companies in Abu Dhabi. We are offering not only single kayak but double kayak as well with fewer chances of tipping over and at the most affordable rates. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance of kayaking once in your life. It is a must-do adventure, so better ink up your pen and put it down in your to-do- list.

Our online kayak booking system is so easy for you. You can book your ride with a single click from the comfort of your home.

Boat cruise

We are offering many boat cruises either jet boat, party boat, or speed boat. All you have to do is dress up right for the ride and have a welcoming experience. Give your day a kick start and a new buzz after booking our speed boats. Experience a whole new, safe, and well-designed boating in Abu Dhabi with us.

A luxurious yacht journey

Want to do something extraordinary and exceptional? What about a lavish, grand yacht? Sounds drooling? Well, don’t spend a single moment thinking over it, fulfil that thirst. We are offering a two in one package, it is not simply yachting but yacht boating in the famous, lush, diverse Mangroves. It is a heavenly place to get lost together.

Don’t waste your time looking for other options because we have got you all tied up. For more services and bookings do checkout http://localhost:10058/services/.