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Almayas Kayak is the Best & biggest  Water Sports Company among all the Kayaking companies in Abu Dhabi. We are offering not only single kayak but double kayak as well with fewer chances of tipping over and at the most affordable rates. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance of kayaking once in your life. It is a must-do adventure, so better ink up your pen and put it down in your to-do- list. Our online kayak booking system is so easy for you. You can book your ride with a single click from the comfort of your home.

Abu Dhabi Main Corniche Branch
(Near Chamber of Commerce)
Abu Dhabi Corniche Branch 2
(Near Al Bahar)
Sharjah Branch


Best Place For Kayaking

Almayas kayaking Company has everything that you are looking for to entertain yourself with water-related activities. From adventure-filled kayaking to celebrating private events on a boat cruise, we are always at your service to deal with you with great professionalism and hospitality. Our team is built of multi-national water sports enthusiasts who have turned their passion into a profession. We are very serious about our work and always focus on delivering a comfortable atmosphere and the finest level of service.